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Leadership River Falls

2015 Leadership River Falls Application - Click Here

Leadership River Falls Mission Statement:
LEADERSHIP RIVER FALLS is dedicated to providing a comprehensive learning experience that cultivates community leadership while participants explore key community issues and adventures of involvement.

Leadership River Falls Calendar 2015

Leadership River Falls Retreat:  September 10
Natural Resource Day: October 1
Heritage Day: November 5
Community Life Day: December 3
Government: January 7
Business & Industry Day: February 4
Education Day: March 3
Health and Human Services Day: April 7
Reflection/ Graduation May 5

What is Leadership River Falls?
Leadership River Falls is a training program that brings together existing, emerging and potential leaders from the area to address community needs, strengthen their individual leadership abilities and encourage participants to commit to assuming leadership roles in the community. The purpose of LEADERSHIP RIVER FALLS is to develop leaders who: are willing to accept ownership of community issues; have skills to help work together; have the skills to empower others to be a part of the solution; and wish to serve others above self-serving interests.

How does Leadership River Falls work?
Each year, 12 participants will have the opportunity to be involved in the nine-month LEADERSHIP RIVER FALLS program.

All participants are expected to share three basic characteristics:

  • Ability and interest to complete the LEADERSHIP RIVER FALLS program and contribute to the future success of the River Falls community through professional and personal involvement.
  • Have an open mind and be willing to commit to the quality of life in the River Falls community.
  • Have the potential or have demonstrated an interest in community involvement.

Following a one-day retreat in September, participants meet one day per month, October through April. The program concludes at a LEADERSHIP RIVER FALLS graduation banquet in May.

Who will Benefit from Leadership River Falls?

LEADERSHIP RIVER FALLS benefits both you and our community. The knowledge and understanding you gain from the
training program will prepare you for leadership roles in your organization. As a result of your LEADERSHIP RIVER FALLS
experience, you will be better equipped to make key decisions affecting your own organization, the community and yourself.

For More Information Contact:
River Falls Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau
214 N. Main Street, River Falls, WI 54022
Tel: 715.425.2533
FAX: 715.425.2305
Email: maranda@rfchamber.com