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Chamber Checks

Click here for a list of businesses Chamber Checks are applicable to.

We are very excited to announce that local business, Aladtec Inc. purchased $80,000 worth of Chamber Checks to be spent at River Falls Chamber member businesses in 2021! Because of this purchase, along with other Chamber Check purchases made this year, close to $100,000 will be circulating in the River Falls community.

Each year thousands of dollars flow through River Falls’ merchants in the form of Chamber Checks and keeps spending local.

Supportive of over 300 local businesses, Chamber Checks are the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether given as a reward for that special coach or teacher, as an employee incentive, prize drawings/contests, or as a special gift for friends or family members, Chamber Checks allow recipients to shop at a wide variety of retail or service-oriented businesses, or for use at local accommodations and restaurants.

Available in any denomination, Chamber Checks can be purchased by Chamber members as well as any individuals and businesses throughout the community. Chamber Checks can be purchased with cash, check, or major credit card at the Chamber office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. For quick pick-up, purchasers may also call the Chamber office at 425-2533 to order in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Chamber Checks expire? Yes. Chamber Checks expire within one year of purchase.

Can I exchange Chamber Checks for cash? No. Chamber Checks may be used at any Chamber member business, but they cannot be exchanged for cash at these businesses or at the bank. They must be used to purchase goods or services.

I am a Chamber member business. What do I do when I receive Chamber Checks? If you are a member who receives a Chamber Check, all you need to do to redeem it is treat it like any other personal check. If the purchase is less than the amount of the Chamber Check, if your policy allows, you are welcome to give them change in cash or issue a store credit.

I am a Chamber member business. I do not accept personal checks. Must I accept Chamber Checks? No. Chamber member businesses are not required to accept Chamber Checks. Accepting them is a benefit to you, however, as they are only redeemable at Chamber member businesses. If personal checks are not accepted because of the concern of inadequate funds, please know Chamber Checks are fully covered when issued.

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